On Site Delivery Assistance Available

Delivery: There are several services available to ensure the entire process and experience of ordering and delivery of your boat goes smoothly and as expected. Representatives are available to meet you at your destination when your boat arrives to ensure all is in order and to help you with unloading. If you prefer to have engines and assembly done locally assistance is available to locate an affordable service center to assist in the completion or operation of your new boat.

Assembly, Accessory and Engine Installation: When the engine(s) is installed prior to shipping, accessory installations will also be completed before the boat is shipped. Some parts may need to be removed for shipping and will need to be reinstalled at the destination.

Shipping: There are different ways to ship boats worldwide; some methods cost less than others but will require more assembly to compete. Some methods take longer than others. Some shipping is free. There are types and special offers that can run $28 per foot. Other shipping may cost more due to destination. Please read about shipping options on the link on the FAQ page. In all cases we strive to deliver your order quickly, safely, and at the lowest cost. below.

The Fine Print: Please be careful who you choose to complete your boat at your destination if you decide to install the engines and finish the boat by a third party. Please be certain all work is priced, explained and in writing before any work is done.

Shipping By Crate, by Full Truck, or Container

Shipping Multiple Boats by Container or full Truck (examples below)