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620 Sport Bow Rider

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  • Model : SD620
  • Length : .15m(20f)
  • Waterline :
  • Beam : 2.3m (7.5ft)
  • Sea guage : .4m
  • Navigational area : C- in shore
  • Engine (outbound) : 115-150HP
  • Passenger : 8
  • Deep : 089m
Standard equipment
US $21,982.00 (Without Engine)
Stainless steel horn & rails  
Bow Sofa Adjustable
Fender beam  
Bow light, two color  
Luxury drive seat, two sides Adjustable
Sofa (like an U-shape) in the rear Adjustable
100L fuel tank Adjustable
Fuel sensor and fuel meter  
Stainless steel fuel linen and ventilation  
12 voltage, 70L/min bilge pump Adjustable
ULTRAFLX Mechanical Steering system adjustable
12 voltage 80A battery  
Aluminum windshield  
Steel loading cradle  
Optional equipment
Optional gel coat color US $120.00
Waterproof cover US $100.00
Stainless steel skee sail US $1,200.00
Stainless steel folding awning US $500.00
Aft ski pole US $220.00
Large fiberglass swim plate US $80.00
Stainless steel ladder, 3 steps US $120.00
Stainless steel ladder, 3 steps US $150.00
Trailer US $850.00
CE certificate US $100.00
Iron frame (shipping the boats US $180.00
III Engine Option
  • 90L/XL OPT SWB US$9,103.00 90EL(XL)PT EFI US$10,426.00
  • 85AETL US$6,351.00 F100BETL US$11,643.00
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