Water Taxi Passenger Boats - C.O.I. Water Taxi Boats For Sale 35 to 49 passengers

AVAILABLE NOW - New 35 passenger 33' x 11' - Non C.O.I. blank catamaran hull under construction now for sale USD$ 20,000.00 plus accessories and rigging as seen in slide show below but without COI. Stable ride in 4 foot chop, 12,000.00 carry capacity, light weight, great as party boat, dive boat, house boat or any purpose. Light weight construction outboard engines extra. Speed 30 mph with twin 150 hp.

Allmand Boats builds and sells 33' and 42' water taxi boats for sale for 35 to 49 passengers Priced from $129,000.00 , factory direct, custom made quality affordable commercial water taxi passenger boats of all sizes and for all applications worldwide. Our water taxi boats are made to carry 10 to 130 passengers. From 21 feet to 100 feet we build what is needed in your region. In Lagos Nigeria, Angola, and Sierra Leone we supply small passenger boats for river crossings. From Mauritius to St. Maarten we build these models for resorts and tour companies to ferry their passengers from island to island, from resort to resort. Below is Allmand Boats 33' x 11' up to 35 passengers with speeds up to 25 knots C.O.I. passenger boat made for US waters. Orders take six months on average built to order. Many options available from Air Conditioned cabin to Second level. Includes twin outboard engines, transport over the road to U.S. Cities, with C.O.I.   General Arrangement Here

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Below are NON C.O.I. watertaxi boats for use outside US territorial waters

In some counties it is easier and faster to transport passengers along the seashore than to drive the crude coastal roadways. These water taxis are made more durable than any other builder; designed to endure high traffic our hull bottoms are 18mm thick and on the sides 8mm thick. We also make the same hulls for inland lakes and rivers. Our 322 foot water taxi carries up to 25 passengers with comfort and we ship inside a 40 foot container for easy and low cost shipping. For the next size larger passenger boat we make a 38 foot that carries 30 passengers.

From Halifax to Cabo we have built RHIB Inflatable Boats type water taxi boats for whale watching tour companies who ferry passengers out for whale watching excursions at high speeds. The RHIB Inflatable Boat type sizes start at 36 feet. All models can be set up for outboards or inboard engines. If necessary for use in U.S. waterways we have C.O.I. water taxis made to order. For C.O.I. models you should know that outboard powered water taxi boats must be made with fire retardant materials and that is an additional cost not associated with inboard diesel models. Consider the convenience of outboards comes with the higher material prices. These regulations are for U.S. and U.S. territorial waters only. Send us an email for the best prices on any of our water taxi models made to order. Orders generally take 90 to 120 days to deliver from time of order.