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Terms Of Service

      Buying a new boat online lowers prices and increases efficiency. Please review the most common questions, issues and answers listed below.

How has the internet transformed in person ordering at the factory to ordering online at our web site?

  • In 1998 orders from the web site exceeded orders from buyers who came to the factory. Since then hundreds of individuals from coast to coast and around the world have finalized their purchase after visiting AllmandBoats.Com. Vast distances accross land or sea has made online ordering the best option for our primary customers. Through technology, innovation and experience a safe and efficient ordering process has developed.
  • Orders are placed by reviewing online material, choosing a model from our web site, then negotiating on options and the delivered price by email or phone. When a customer is seeking a customized boat, 3D models are generated to represent their vision and used as a design reference ( 3D examples can be found here).
  • Support staff is available 24/7 by email, phone, or skype to answer any questions. Video feeds showing real time progress provide assurance your job is the priority.
  • Our growing nationwide and international online clients have placed their confidence in our ability based on reputation and history. Performing in the best interests of each and every online customer has guaranteed continued success. Our goal is customer satisfaction; our objectives are quality, efficiency and innovation one boat at a time.
  • Dealer services such as test rides, factory visits, and boat inspections are still available. The overhead cost of maintaining these business services is not added to the price of every boat. Today when these services are requested they are provided on demand for a pre-paid fee.  top


What are the risks when buying a new boat online?

  • There is zero risk when paying with a letter of credit (L/C). With an L/C No payment is made until the customer recieves their order. All orders are fully insured for 110% of the value durring shipping and handling.  top


What is the process when ordering a custom boat online?

  • Step 1. The web site visitor selects a design form the web site, or has a vision for their own custom design. Next they contact us by phone or email with their inquiry.
  • Step 2. The prospective buyer describes their specialized project with expert boat builders, then decides on their requirements based on their specific needs. If they have a general idea but need guidance, we help navigate the 380 page web site containing over 120 hull models, 68 different engine sizes, 24 diferent sizes and types of trailers, and other accessories, clarifying details when necessary and guide them to the best option based on their unique situation. We have become familiar and understand the nature of boating conditions in regional waterways around the world from Maldives to the Baja Peninsula, from Brisbane to Halifax. By listening to the customer we will know what they will be happy with within their budget.

  • Step 3. Negotiations on accessories, options and terms are established. Negotiations typically take a few days or weeks until an agreement is initiated. There have been times where the purchase took place several months or even a year after terms were agreed to.

  • Step 4. Initiate completion and delivery schedule. There are two ways to initiate an agreement. A. Letter of Credit (L/C) where no payment is made until the customer receives the product. B. 50% advance then balance when the product is shipped.

  • Step 5. During the order completion and delivery phase, regular updates with photos or videos are sent to the buyer by email. Progress reports are posted on the secure Customer Progress Log

  • Step 6. The order is shipped and buyer receives their new boat on time and on budget. Insurance is available for 110% of the value on the invoice during shipping and handling.   top


How long does it take to build and deliver my order?

  • Boats are made to order requiring 14 to 60 days building time and 30 days or less to ship to the destination by sea, road or rail. Experts are standing by, ready to begin your order from start to finish in as little time as necessary then immediately load onto the next avaialable transport to their destination.  top


How much does shipping cost and how will my order arrive?

  • Exclusive contracts with sea, rail, and road transport carriers allow for our shipping costs to stay around $28.00 per foot . The boats arrive at the carrier's warehouse where the customer picks up the boat or it is delivered to any commercial address. On the lower part of the contact page there is a video showing how most boats under 39 feet are shipped on a trailer that rolls in and out of the container.  top


Pricing for a custom boat, design consultation and research

  • Reviewing a custom boat design is estimated at no obligation by phone or email. If you decide to proceed based on an estimate, egineering services will be needed to provide an accurate proposal and delivery schedule. These services are available when the order is confirmed, or a consultation fee is paid. See Order confirmation    top


Pricing Commercial Projects

  • Commercial projects include boat molds; production start up; COI for water taxi boats in U.S. waters
  • In most cases prices for accessories and options is readily available for water taxis for export, or six-packs. For specific pricing such as A/C, gernators, toilets, fuel consumption, inboard engines or customization, engineering services may be needed.
  • We are happy to assist a buyer in obtaining COI costs for their vessel once they have purchased a hull.
  • For pricing or discusions regarding boat molds research and engineering services may be needed.
  • For pricing or discussions regarding production costs or production start up costs engineering services may be needed.  top


Invoices, Quotes, Volume Pricing, and Tenders

  • Estimates are available by email or can be discussed over the phone.
  • Written quotes, invoices and other written price and terms commitments are available when an order is confirmed or a consultation fee is paid  top


Other services listed below are available to the customer when an intent to order is confirmed or consultation fee is paid.

  • Test ride appointment service
  • Factory visit appointment service
  • Pre sales boat inspection appointment
  • COD boats by letter of credit application top


Where are your boats made?

  • All Boats made for USA customers are made in the USA and come with a US manufacturers serial number on the certificate of origin. Completed US builders statement form C.G.-1261 is $1850.00 and supplied upon request at time of sale where applicable.  top


COI Check List for anyone wanting a small passenger boat for use in U.S. territorial waters:

  • With COI 25% to 35% of the cost pays for US administrative documentation, consultants, naval architect services, and laboratory fees. 15% to 20% of the cost goes to paying the high cost of approved materials, parts and accessories that are more expensive than the standard materials or parts.
  • All COI boats are made to order only and require about 120 days.
  • An owner can apply for COI.
  • We offer legal consultation on obtaining COI by experts in the field, current official contractors working with the U.S.C.G. as well as retired inspection officers.
  • The avergage cost of COI consultation for one small passenger boat is approxomately $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 depending on the equipment, seating, number of passengers, engines, accessories and options. The cost for the sister ship that is identical to the frst is $1500.00
  • The cost of COI only applys to the first vessel, the second vessel can be inspected at reduced fees charge as long as it is identical to the first COI vessel
  • Our 29 foot outboard COI V hull cabin water taxi for 12 to 16 passengers is $125,000.00 for the first and $85,000.00 for the every one there after
  • Our The 29 to 31 foot COI Panga style with canvas top outboard water taxi for 16 to 25 passengers is $125,000.00 for the first and $85,000.00 for the every one there after
  • We will lend assistance to anyone who buys a hull from us who has purchased it for the purpose to obtain COI
  • We can supply structural, mechanical, electrical line drawings and plans according to what is required on any hull we make provided we are notified at the time of sale that the hull will be used for carrying passengers for hire.
  • Which COI are you looking for; ongoing inspections during the build or a conversion?
  • Outboard engine use requires the hull is made from fire retardant resin or only the use of portable 6 gallon fuel tanks is permitted.
  • Structural, mechanical, electrical plans and line drawings, lamination schedule are part of the application
  • You will need laboratory testing for hull strength
  • With or Without the builder's assistance you may need to cut out a large section of the hull for lab testing
  • You will need structural plans from the builder for repairng the hull cut out section
  • Once COI is obtained you can add accessories by applying with plans for the specifications, installation and use of the accessory. You can then add the accessory if the plans are approved.
  • Our services are available to apply for COI on behalf of an owner
  • If we are hired to apply for COI on behalf of an owner we will petition to use a panel that was made at the same time the hull was made and made to the exact specifications and materials as the hull to use for lab testing instead of having to cut out a large section of the existing hull.  top


Financing We can negotiate financing with your bank with a confirmed order. In most cases banks have a pre-paid application fee. We do not offer financing directly. top


What is an order confirmation or consultation fee?

  • An order confirmation is a commitment to purchase a product or service by paying a small advance of $350.00 that is credited to the final price of an invoice.
  • An order confirmation is due when a visitor requests a binding proposal for volume pricing, invoices and written quotes. Confirmation fees are applied to an order.
  • An order confirmation is due when a visitor requests business services such as time and research to review details of a design for a written proposal .
  • An order confirmation is due when a visitor requests business services such as a face to face meeting with management or to visit the facility
  • A consultation fee is due when a visitor requests business services and does not wish to confirmed an order.  top


What about boat inspections, test rides, factory visits?

  • Factory visits, boat inspection appointments, and test rides are available for a non refundable pre-paid fee. Fees range from $1500.00 to $4500.00; are separate from other transactions and not deducted from the purchase price. Send an email for current pre-sales service rates.  top


How to become a dealer, agent or get volume prices?

    There is a pre-paid $350.00 fee to access volume or dealer pricing as an agent or for volume order pricing. The fee is applied to the first order.
  •  top


What is the difference between a hull and a boat?

  • Only when a Hull is completed with accessories and engine (s) and made operational as intended is it then refered to as a boat where a serial number or HIN numer is issued.  top


What is the warranty on a hull?

  • Hull Warranty quotes requested at time of sale are provided by brokers like or  top


What are the shipping and delivery terms?

  • CIF definition is Cost Insurance freight. Insurance refers to loss at sea or other loss by the carrier and is the responsibility of the carrier.
  • Insurance against damage during shipping up to 110% of the invoice must be requested at time of sale and is paid for when the buyer approves the terms of coverage.
  • In the event of damage on delivery it is the buyer's responsibility to contact the insurnace company contracted at time of sale.
  • This company is not an insurance company and does not provide insurance on damage during shipping and handling
  • Unless agreed to in writing at time of sale delivery is to the shipper's ware house in proximity to the consignee's designated address.
  • Delivery means the order is delivered in a container, or crate, or sitting on a traler to the shipper's warehouse within proximity of the address designated by the consignee. Delivery to the address designated by the consignee from the shipper's warehouse must be a commercial address and is an additional fee that cannot not be estimated at time of sale. In addition there may be additional handling charges by the shipper and/or local trucking company to unload or unpack the commodity from the container, crate or lift from the trailer onto the consignees vehicle or trucking company vehicle making the delivery to the commercial address designated by the consignee. It is not the responsibility of the shipper or this company to unload any shipment from a container, trailer or crate and place it on consignee vehicle or deliver to the address of the consignee.  top


What are the terms of sale?

  • You can pay 50% advance by Wire Transfer or Bank Draft, we then build the hull 100% then send you photos of the completed order. At the time photos are sent the balance payment is due. After we receive balance we ship your order.
  • You can pay with a letter of credit where we do not get paid until you receive the order; the letter of credit add bank fees determined by the amount.  top


What are the company references?

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