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TERMS: 60% advance due at this time. Balance due prior to shipping. The covering payment by T/T must reach the Seller before 10 days of the date of this agreement, failing which the seller reserves the right to cancel all agreements. There are no refunds once work has begun on manufacturing process. Any changes initiated by the buyer to this agreement will cancel all prior agreements but does not exclude payments due the seller. Time to complete work in writing or verbally indicated by the seller is an estimate. Alterations to an original agreement may at least double the time needed to complete work. Unforeseen events may also contribute to time of completion. The seller will make every effort to complete work on time, however; delays neither constitute a breach of this agreement nor bind the seller to modify terms this agreement. The seller reserves all rights afforded him within the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) and retain remedy within but not limited to sections 2-106, 2-704, 2-706, 2-710. The seller is not liable for loss if the buyer delays, refuses to accept, rejects, abandons, fails to receive the goods 24 hours after being notified of availability by the seller by email message, phone call, regular mail, courier or voice mail message. If the buyer fails to pay balance due within 30 days of request the finished or unfinished goods they will be determined to be abandoned by the buyer; at that time the seller will seek remedy available in the U.C.C. It is the seller’ s option to determine the venue if litigation is brought against the seller in this agreement. There is no agreements express or implied regarding warranty. The seller reserves the right to terminate any modified agreement if modified terms cause the seller to suffer financial loss and/or disrupt the sellers regular operations. It is the buyers responsibility to complete all electrical, mechanical and fuel systems after delivery of finished goods. The seller will provide serial number to the buyer after the seller has received payment is full, receives from the buyer, photos, video showing the vessel is operating as intended, an affidavit stating the hull or boat is accepted for specified use and the seller is released from any liability. The seller is not responsible for any exclusions, omissions or errors made in this agreement. There are no other agreements expressed or implied at time of sale. For any modifications to this agreement, the buyer must first pay any balance due the seller in this agreement. Brands and model numbers for all accessories in this agreement will be selected and provided at the seller’s choice unless the buyer specifies in writing all hull specifications, accessories including engines with model number, color selections, electronic selections with model number, fuel systems, fabrication methods, materials, hardware, glazing, structural components, wood accessories, plumbing, electrical and/or mechanical accessory at time of sale in this agreement. The seller is not liable for any damage caused during shipping.

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